lundi 4 janvier 2010

Pissed off…

"The main characters in House of Suns are Campion and Purslane, a male/female pair of clones derived from the same person: Abigail Gentian. Campion and Purslane are just two of the one thousand clones ("shatterlings") in the Gentian Line, a long-lived "family" that traipses around the galaxy in two hundred thousand year-long cycles and then regroups to compare notes on the various civilizations they have seen come and go like "waves on the shore"."

And so this is the beginning of 2010 and I'm already pissed off.
I've just read this review of Alastair Reynold's book and I can't help thinking, what the f*** ?

He does immortal clones across the galaxy and gets rave reviews (not forgetting more money than I'll ever get even if if I were to live several lifetimes and earn a decent living) I do memo-clones civilisations and what do I get ?
Shitty reviews from brainless idiots who don't even know what science-fiction is, and not even sure the second part will ever be published and you can't even say what you're thinking/feeling because people will of course say you're jealous and if you were that good wouldn't the real world have noticed already and made you a millionnaire too ? Just shut up and go back to translating The Real Authors (no offence meant, people, I love you all, this is called a rant isn't it ? )

And why are you writing this in English ?
Want to show off or what ?
No, not really, just switched off to English when I read the review, that's all. Plus what's more stupid than to write  science-fiction in French in a English-speaking harrypotterised world ? Well I'm  a woman, too, how do you like that ?
And I'm not complaining ! If I were complaining I'd go back to be a teacher which is something I'll never do, even if we couldn't pay the rent and bills and cat food. I'm going back to work and I think about african peasants who can't earn a living because they grow food for western countries…

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